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Link Logger for Windows
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Link Logger for Windows

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ZyXEL ZyWall 

Firmware version 3.52/3.60/3.61 

Link Logger Set Up


1.Download and Install Link Logger

2. Next Configure Link Logger


To find this screen select 'Edit' from the main menu and then select the 'Setup...' option and click on the 'Router' tab.  The Router Address is the internal LAN IP address of your ZyWall ( by default).


3. Configure the ZyWall to log traffic and send it to Link Logger

There are 2 things which have to done here.

1. Enable Unix Syslog by selecting 'Active'.

2. Set the Syslog IP Address to the LAN IP of the system running Link Logger or to broadcast the Logs to the LAN (x.x.x.255).

3. Link Logger should start logging your traffic (you might need to exit and restart Link Logger).



NOTE the ZyWall is configured by default not to log LAN -> WAN traffic so if you wish to log this traffic you need to enable 'Log packets that don't match these rules' for the 'LAN to WAN' Packet Direction.

FAQ for Install Issues

  • If you get an error when starting Link Logger, please make sure that you don't have other logging software running when you start Link Logger, as only one application can process Syslog messages at a time.

  • If Link Logger doesn't work and your running ZoneAlarm or any similar product please ensure that it is allowing communication between Link Logger and your Linksys Router.  Link Logger does attempt to ping your router on startup, and your Linksys Router sends its logging information to Link Logger via Syslog messages (UDP port 514).  If the ping is blocked then Link Logger displays a message stating that it couldn't communicate with the Router.  If the Syslog messages are blocked then Link Logger doesn't log anything as it doesn't receive any logging information.

  • Link Logger does have an uninstall program for easy removal.  You can remove Link Logger using 'Remove Programs' in the Windows Control Panel.


If Link Logger is still not working email Link Logger Support