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Link Logger for Windows

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Link Logger is licensed in such a way that there is no licensing dependency on the system running Link Logger, only on the router/firewall used with Link Logger.  This means you are free to modify or change the system on which Link Logger runs or even run it concurrently on multiple systems, as long as it is used with a licensed Link Logger router/firewall.

In over six years we have only had one version update which required a small upgrade fee; otherwise version updates have been free as has technical support.  Transfers of Link Logger Licenses are currently free as long as long as the version of Link Logger remains the same (example Protocol, non-Protocol, WRT54G/GS, etc) and the license will only be used on the new router/firewall.  Transfers of Link Logger License to different versions of Link Logger (example Protocol to WRT54G/GS) require an upgrade to be purchased.

If Link Logger is to used with multiple routers/firewalls then each router/firewall must have its own separate license.

If you have any questions about upgrades then please contact