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Link Logger and SyGate

Since we get so many questions asking how to configure SyGate we felt that it was time to create a detailed reply on our web site.  The SyGate screen shots are courtesy of one of our clients (Thanks).  Any questions concerning SyGate should be directed to the SyGate support team.

The principle problem is that the SyGate blocks the ping that Link Logger sends out to the Router/Firewall as a communications test.  If Link Logger does not receive a reply then it suspends logging and puts an error message indicating that in its status bar.


NOTE the Linksys version of Link Logger listens on UDP port 162 for logging information from the Linksys.  All other versions of Link Logger listen on UDP port 514 (Syslog).







Link Logger uses ntoskrnl to send the ping message.


If you have any other questions concerning Link Logger please email, for questions concerning SyGate please contact SyGate support.

If you have any other Questions or suggestions concerning Link Logger please send an email to You will speed up your Answers if you provide an accurate description of your problem, the results you expected and the results you received when using Link Logger.