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How to capture and submit a sample of your logging stream for a possible new version of Link Logger to support your router/firewall


1. Download the Logging Sniffer from here


2. Configure your router/firewall to send its logs to the system running the Logging Sniffer.  In this example we are using a Linksys WRV200 and the system running the Logging Sniffer has an IP Address of

NOTE enabled all logging options and remember to save the settings.


3. Run the Logging Sniffer.  Note you don't have to install it or anything, just run it as it is totally self contained and can run straight from the zip file.

NOTE most routers/firewalls use Syslog (port 514) to send out their logging information.


4. Press the 'Start' button to start capturing the logging sample.  Your firewall might ask if its OK for the Logger Sniffer to run, press Unblock.


5. Generate some network traffic, surf to different sites, get your email, ping some IP Addresses and visit somewhere like and run ShieldsUp to generate some inbound traffic, in short try to generate different types of network traffic. 

NOTE unfortunately not all routers/firewalls log all traffic.  As you can see in this example the Linksys WRV200 only logs outbound traffic and not inbound traffic (attacks for example).  This is why we need sample captures so we can see what logging functionality a router/firewall has and with what data format.  Since the WRV200 has such limited logging functionality we will not build a version of Link Logger to support.  Of course this could change if Linksys or some third party developer releases a firmware version which corrects this logging shortcoming.


6. Once you have collect a sample of different traffic and such then you can click on the stop button and under the Edit menu select 'Send via Email'


7. Which will create an email with an attached text file containing your log sample (if you double click on the attachment you can see the contents of the text file if you wish).  Please enter the Router/Firewall model name and Firmware version as that is a huge help to us when comparing different router/firewalls and their firmware versions.

Press Send and thanks for the logging sample.  We will evaluate if we can build a version of Link Logger to support your router/firewall.


Thanks for the sample.  We will evaluate its potential for a new version of Link Logger or if it would use an already existing version of Link Logger and let you know.