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Link Logger and Windows XP's ICF (Internet Connection Firewall)

Since we get so many questions asking how to configure XP's ICF we felt that it was time to create a detailed reply on our web site.  Any questions concerning ICF should be directed to the Microsoft XP support team.

The principle problem is that ICF blocks the logging information from reaching Link Logger.

Step 1.

Select the Advanced tab from the Network properties.


Step 2.

For Linksys users create a service for UDP Port 162 (SNMPTrap Messages).


For Zyxel and Netgear users create a service for UDP port 514 (Syslog).


Step 3.


Enable the Service you created (depending on what router/firewall you are running).  Link Logger will now be able to receive the logging information from your router/firewall.


If you have any other questions concerning Link Logger please email, for questions concerning ICF please contact Microsoft support.