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Link Logger for Windows

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Running Link Logger as a Service with FireDaemon

Using FireDaemon you can easily setup Link Logger to run as a service under Windows NT, 2000, XP or 2003.  NOTE we suggest this for only registered Link Logger users as the Registration Popup window can interfere with Service operation.

NOTE If you are going to run Link Logger as a service remember to remove Link Logger from the Startup folder.


Step 1. Install and startup FireDaemon

Click Service->New... or on the first button to the left on the tool bar to create a new service.


Step 2. Enter Link Logger program information



Step 3.  Enable 'Interact with Desktop' and set Job Type to 'No Job'.

Press the 'Install' button and FireDaemon should create and start the Link Logger service.




If you have any other questions concerning Link Logger please email, for questions concerning FireDaemon please visit

If you have any other Questions or suggestions concerning Link Logger please send an email to You will speed up your Answers if you provide an accurate description of your problem, the results you expected and the results you received when using Link Logger.