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What Malicious traffic is your Firewall Protecting you from?

This not an all inclusive list but typically represents about 99% of our daily unsolicited scans blocked by our firewalls as logged by Link Logger and port captures by PortPeeker or are ports we are commonly asked about.  The idea behind this is to give you an idea as to what the malicious traffic is that your firewall is protecting you from.  Of course everyone's environment might differ (for example some ISP filter out all TCP 445 traffic), but typically this is representative of what most internet users will see.  Don't believe us, turn on logging on your firewall and see for yourself......

Quick Comparison of Attack and Scan rates for February 2004 and February 2005 (good and bad news)

September 1 - 17, 2004 Inbound Traffic Report, which could be used for a baseline as there were no major events.

May 2004 Traffic Review of one of our Networks showing the effects of Sasser, Bobax, Kurgo worms, etc.

US-CERT Current Activity which includes current worms and email virus activity.


Page last updated on November 29, 2008