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Link Logger Client Feedback

With thousands of users around the world and in every type of environment from home users to Fortune 100 companies to government agencies, Link Logger works hard to prove its worth everyday.

Wow, that was fast. It worked like a champ. - Ted

Thanks for a great program. - Ken

I gotta tell, what a great product. - Robert

You have a killer product. - Steve

Love your product and plan to install it in our other offices as the need arises. - Laurence

I've tried other 'freebies' out of curiosity, but Link Logger is the only one that has ever met my requirements! - Deb

I'd like to say that I really like your product! One of my primary reasons for purchasing a Linksys router was to use Link Logger! - Pete

You really do have a great product there.  I had Google searched for several months in trying to find a product just like yours.  I have tried about 4 products now and none of them worked like I wanted them to with not nearly as many features as yours. I am very surprised that Netgear or Linksys don’t license your product to go out with their product. - Randy

Just a note to tell you, I have been using linklogger for a couple of years now. I think its great. The amount of info it can give at the router level is unbelievable. I wouldn't buy a router now unless it was supported by linklogger. Thanks so much for a fantastic product. - Mark

I think your product is great. I have caught several people in my office on sites that are not conducive to a workspace. I was wondering what they were spending all their time on! - Jodi

I know of at least 15 folks you guys have as loyal users based on my big mouth alone! <grin> Nice product.....Keep up the great work! - Dave

I can say that I think that your product link logger is very easy to use and very good. - Michael

On a network of roughly 30 computers, Linklogger single-handedly allowed me to identify the computer infected with a worm that caused our mail server to be tarpitted. Great job! - Adam  

I rely on Link Logger as an important component of my security system, thanks. - Brian

Overall, I think LinkLogger is an awesome tool. I'm a satisfied end-user that has been using LinkLogger now for two years. I will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. LinkLogger is on my "must install" list whenever I change my setup. LinkLogger has performed flawlessly, and given me zero problems. Thanks again for a great product! - Jeff

I cannot praise the GUI enough! Kudos' guys!! As I said - "Simple enough for an 8yr old to use, with the power and sophistication of those thousand dollar "dedicated" firewall servers" (Yes! You can quote me!) Fred Fisher

I'd recommend LinkLogger to anyone, and you can quote me on that. - Jerry

Great program – it was the first utility loaded onto the new system install. - Steve

I will recommend Link Logger to everyone I know. I've tried several different programs but none of them comes close to Link Logger. - Voytek

I just found your program on the net yesterday and it rocks.  I've had my Linksys box for about a year now and this program really works great with it. - Ian

Thanks for a great product. I think if I was Linksys, I'd try to buy you guys! - Brad

Heck, if wasn’t happy with Link Logger I wouldn’t have bought another Linky, nuff said. I have recommended y’all and will continue to do so. - Stan

The app is great already... worth every penny. - Jon

wow great product!!! - Josh

I downloaded Link Logger and immediately loved it. - Greg

Really great program, well worth the $. - Jim

I like the product already otherwise I would not a have just paid for it after only two days of testing.  I will say that your quick response to my email and our interaction is what finalized the purchase decision. - Dave

Thanks again for a great product. - Eric

Link Logger kicks ass. Its so straightforward, simple and reliable. Can you tell I'm a happy customer? - Dimitri

This is an excellent program for any Linksys router owner to have, and probably would have even paid more $$ to register it if you had asked.. - Rick

So all these are attempts at my PC? WOW!!! It’s amazing to see what is actually going on, and also kind of scary. - Dave

Link Logger looks great. I am talking my customers with linkys into getting Link Logger. I just like what it tells you. You guys have done a great job. - Dave

Nice job. I especially like all the auxiliary information built into each alert. Wonderful information and reporting. - Brian

Your product looks great .... just what I was looking for to keep a watch on what happen on the internet side of the Linksys. - Dave

I am glad you guys came up with a logging solution for us Networking/Linky people. - Andrew

Great program and well worth the registration fee! - Jeff

Great product by the way. - Scott

The more I use this program, the better I like it.  - John

I just registered Link Logger.  I really like it alot.  It's a great tool. - David

Link Logger's a great piece of software and I have been recommending it since the day I downloaded it for trial. - Sean

I like the program, and am recommending it to my security (former) co-workers as an excellent tool, Thank you very much. - Mike

Thanks for the great product. linklogger really does address some of the inadequacies of linksys routers. two more people I work with have also purchased linklogger because of my recommendation. - K

I started with Link Logger, switched to Logviewer when the free trial period was over - but I went back to Link Logger version 1.2 - I think Link Logger is much better than Logviewer - worth the $. Especially automatic DNS lookup and alert info. - Stig

I would like to thank you for making such a great product. I have been recommending Link Logger to all my friends that have the Linksys. - Michael

I really like Link Logger, will be recommending it to my buddies who are also using Linksys routers. - Brian

Yes, Link Logger is an excellent tool. It's helped me to fix some problems I was having with my small home network. I will definitely be recommending this to anyone I know that is looking for such a tool! - Dave

I have found link logger to be an exceptional product not only worth the money, but well worth recommending to others. - Randal

Great program by the way.  A shareware worth investing in. - Chris

Your product came highly recommended by my IT Dept. manager. I now have it up and running correctly and see why it was so highly recommended. Your software is fantastic and after only a few hours of use I know for sure I will be purchasing this software. KUDOS to you and your company on this very impressive tool! - Joe

Hi people, and I must congratulate you all on a fantastic piece of software. - Pete

Link Logger is a FANTASTIC tool. Thanks a MILLION! - Vince

First of all, I wanted to say how great your product is. I had no idea that so much traffic was hitting my router! It helps simplify what is going on without having to guess by looking at Linksys' basic log file. - Chris

Keep up the great work on Link Logger! It's a fantastic product and I don't know what I'd do without it! - Gary

I love the Link Logger product (only Shareware I have ever registered). - Matt

LinkLogger is a great product!  Keep up the great work! - Frank

I'm impressed with how well link logger captures packet header info! I'm currently trying to get my company to buy this program. If not, I'll buy it out of pocket. This has been incredibly useful. Despite the small price, it's pretty big on functionality! - Ron

I’m happy to purchase LinkLogger, a great little program. - Steve

I just downloaded Link Logger last night and am really impressed so far.  You just may have found yourself another customer. - Matt

I found out about Link Logger from a post on when I first got my router in June 2001 and have told numerous people about it. It's a great tool! My boss has even used it to read the riot act to his teenage son about sites he shouldn't be visiting. Kid had thought that he'd erased all evidence of where he'd been! - Andrew

I just downloaded LinkLogger for home use per the recommendations of our security expert at work. Looks like a great product - I learned I am being scanned constantly! - Guy

Thanks for putting out such a cool tool. - Ron

I have been using LinkLogger for over about a year now and have thoroughly enjoyed the program. - Jeff

Link Logger is working great I love the program. - Wayne

BTW it is a first class bit of software! Thanks! - Steve

Great product, BTW. I've been looking for a log viewer that is more user friendly than the one LinkSys provides. I will be buying Link Logger this week - Taylor

Great Job on the software! I like it alot! - Dennis

LinkLogger is a great tool. Started using at work and then downloaded at home. I am a happy customer. - Bruce

I wouldn't have believed how many hack attempts are made on my Linksys - from all over the world too! I really like being able to know who's doing that by using linklogger. Thanks for your great product! - John

Yes, I recommend link logger to EVERYONE. Like I said, I really like the product a lot. Anyone with a router in their home has to hear me talk about how great your product is! - Ser

Link logger is a perfect companion the the LINKSYS firewall(s), I would like to see it bundled with it some day. Maybe you can make them a deal? - Gary

Rest assured I know of only one product I can recommend highly for logging of Netgear, ZyXel or Linksys routers. - Craig

Linklogger is great. I know of two people that I've told about it, that tried and purchased it. - Troy

By all means I'll recommend Link Logger - it is perfect for monitoring all the stuff that comes to a router from the outside most of which is bad. - Thorton

From what I've seen so far, Link Logger is a great program, and well worth the $. - Dino

What a great product.  I'll be registering the software today.  - Will

Thanks for a great product at a great price! - Mike

I've been more than happy to suggest LinkLogger to quite a few people when they inquire about a way to monitor their Linksys logs... In my opinion, it is, by far, the best program out there for doing just that..  Keep up the great work! - Rick

Keep up the good work, you really do have one hell of a product and you are right, it's not bad for the price. For that matter it pretty damn good! - Brian

I have and will continue to recommend Linklogger as a product to all my friends. Another satisfied customer. - Anthony

I do recommend your brother-in-law purchased it as well......and I continue to spread the word...... - Stan

I know of 2 people who are using it due to my recommendation. - Daniel

I love link logger and have recommended it to all my clients. - Tricia

I personally think that Link Logger would be a "Must" in every network with a ZyWALL. - Juerg

Great product by the way, really opens your eyes to how many attempts are being made to one's IP. - Jeff

Thanks again for a very useful and useable piece of software. - Doug

Personally, I think LinkSys should bundle your product with their routers. - Hugh

Link Logger is a terrific product.  I will definitely recommend it to others. - Doug

First of all, I wanted to say how great your product is. I had no idea that so much traffic was hitting my router! It helps simplify what is going on without having to guess by looking at Linksys' basic log file. - Chris

I've recommended Link Logger numerous times!  I can't imagine not having it. - Brian

Keep up the great work on Link Logger! It's a fantastic product and I don't know what I'd do without it! - Gary

Thank you for providing such a great product. I only tried the shareware version for about an hour before I decided that it would be well worth the money. - Jesse

You have a great product and I'm happy to have it monitoring my little network. - Andy

User Feedback Concerning Link Logger Support

Thanks for you quick response and help with this!!! - Craig

You and the program are doing a great job. I can't believe you are still answering my e-mails this late on a Sunday. If your header is correct, you are actually one hour later than I am. :-} Linklogger has been very well behaved and I have had no problems. The next time the subject of support comes up on one of the newsgroups I frequent, I will be sure to mention the great service you are giving your customers. - Chuck

I have had to deal with many support people in my computer life and I declare you and your company as the fastest and most efficient I've encountered. - Dorothy

Many thanks for your prompt reply (I wish Linksys support were as quick!) - Mike

Anyway, thanks again, for all your input.  You've been a real gentleman in helping me learn this.  It's appreciated.  Pass the kudo on to your bosses; you've earned it. - John

If more companies demonstrated your level of hands on assistance and product support the world of computers would be a far better place. Thanks again for a great software product, I'm recommending it to everyone of my friends with a Linksys. - Steve

Thanks for your support and assistance over the past month. It was appreciated. I have recommended the product to four users of Linksys products that I know.  I recommended Linksys routers to them, and now I'm recommending LinkLogger. - Ayrton

WOW!! I think that is the fastest I have EVER gotten a response back on any software! - Chris

Thank you very much for you help.  I thought it would be a few days before it would be resolved, and was shocked to see  you wrote me back so fast.  Great customer service. - Marc

Great! Thank you so much! This is what I call support :-) - Julian

I'm very glad I spent the money to pay for such a worthwhile product and good support. - Abe

BTW, I'm telling everyone about your great product and at such a bargain. Also, I will be getting others for my other computers. You are always there to support your product and I like that! - Jerry

Thank you for the continued excellent support. Both the product and your follow on support of LinkLogger have been great ! - Kevin

Man... I thought I worked long hours.  What great response time.  Thank You. - Mike