First big upset - Edmonton lays waste to Detroit 
Its that wacky time of the year again called NHL playoffs, which is something like March Madness (its hard to describe just how low I finished in that pole this year), where NHL teams battle it out for the oldest professional sport trophy in North America (they were still inventing football when Lord Stanley's Cup was all the desire of hockey players everywhere).

So let me go out on a limb and make my prediction for the first big upset of the playoffs. Detroit will lose to Edmonton in 6. The Red Wings are only where there are because they play in what is without a doubt the weakest division in the NHL so they are not as good as most people think they are. The really bad thing about this is Edmonton knows it, and knows they can beat Detroit, so there will not be any respect shown to the Red Wings by the Oilers. The Oilers can skate with the Red Wings, but more important they can out hit them and that will be the downfall of the Red Wings. Stevie Y fans better enjoy this series as I fear it will mark the end of the line for one of hockey's greatest players and all round class acts. Stevie Y isn't the kind of person who gets beat and still has something left in the tank, so you can count on him to put it all on the line as he always does.

If Detroit somehow manages to get past Edmonton don't look for them to get much further as Edmonton will have worked them over pretty good.

Note I'm not an Oiler fan, just a hockey fan.

Go Flames Go!!!

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