How do spammers get your email address? 
A common question I hear is how did all these spammers get my email address? If you are an old timer on the internet you remember the days when email addresses were harvested from newsgroups and web pages and so you used some sort of bogus email address when posting such as or whatever but now you do that and you still get a ton of spam. So you figured that someone sold you out and your beloved email address was sold by some less then honorable web admin somewhere. These methods are possible causes of why you get spam, but more likely its something else and no matter how careful you are, or what you do to hide, spammers will likely find you and send you their endless flood of junk (well over half of all emails sent on the internet are spam).

I have a couple of domains which I registered on the internet, but setup the accounts such that I receive all emails, no matter to whom they are addressed to at that domain. Each of these domains has a couple of active and real user accounts, but yet I receive tons of spam for accounts which have never existed, how is that? Many years ago when I was much more involved in internet security I was invited to participate in the teaching of internet security and the running of security labs and 'contests' and two of the 'contests' where dumpster diving and shredded paper reassembly (yes there were a lot of feds involved). So one thing I had to prepare was a list of user ids which I then created and gave to the organizers who then had a small fit as they thought the list I had given them was a list of actual users names within their 'organization', which then brought about the usual game of 20 questions as to how I obtained such confidential information being an outsider and all. Having to create these user lists meant a lot of typing and thinking of a lot of names etc, and being a coder I thought I'd much rather write a program and let it do the work for me, but where to get the names? A lot of governments post census information on their websites and in some countries part of the census information is statistics as to how common first and last names are. So I downloaded that information and fed it to a program I wrote which then used common user id naming conventions (for example last name appended with the first letter of the first name like mcneillb), so take those user ids and appended them with common ISPs/domains/etc and you have a ton of email addresses (ie or etc). This is what we see in our test spam domains, tons and tons of made up email addresses that look credible. Spammers now create email addresses to spam and if there is no actual account with a generated name then no, big deal the compromised system or otherwise spoofed source they used to send the spam, gets a notification message, they don't care as it isn't their bandwidth that is being used or anything.

So want to reduce your inbound spam, get yourself a truly unique user id like and the amount of spam you receive will be greatly reduced, however your desired email volumes will also likely be diminished as no one is going to remember your email address.



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Marchesa à présenté de véritables oeuvres art, avec des robes de soirées somptueuses, déstructurées tout en étant romantiques. La dentelle et les broderies sont à l'honneur avec des drapées et des tulles de soie.
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Si vous ne l'avez pas remarqué, les mannequins tristes étaient chaussés de magnifiques escarpins aux talons très fins Christian Louboutin avec des chaussettes de dentelle pour lesquelles j'ai littéralement craqué.
La marque Marchesa se distingue par des inspirations vintage et d'Asie. Cofondée par Georgina Chapman et Keren Craig, Marchesa est basée à New York et distribuée chez Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Harrolds à Londres...
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Phase Two Levels 40-59 Its fine learn 2 craft

Youve hit lvl 40, you have your mount (sure beats walking huh?), youve learned all your new skills, and youve decked yourself out in some fancy new duds. Now what?
Well, you *could* stick with your two gathering professions. They will still make you a lot of money, actually more money than in the first phase because youll know have access to higher level materials. If you dont feel like busting ass trying to make money with crafting professions, stick with gathering by all means. You could stop reading this guide right now and have enough money to make you happy.
Still reading? Okay good lets talk about your first crafting profession
Pick a crafting profession that sounds fun to you. Dont worry, its going to make you money (except maybe Alchemy Im sorry I *still* havent seen proof that you can make lots of money off of Alchemy). What your going to do is drop the gathering profession that doesnt complement your new crafting profession. For example, if you want to take engineering, drop skinning and keep your mining. The one profession I do not recommend you take at level 40 (besides Alchemy) is Enchanting. Enchanting is a great profession but its not for the faint of heart, and its a ! to level up. If you are dying to be an enchanter now, welcome to the poor house otherwise try to hold off until youre level 60 (well be discussing that in the next phase).
Now that youre level 40, it should be very easy to powerlevel your new profession to a certain point. Do everything possible to farm your own mats while leveling, it will save you a ton of money. This is important because you need your money for
SCHEMATICS, PLANS, FORMULAS, RECIPES, ETC!!! These are what separate you from all of the other people taking up crafting professions. I see twenty new threads every day asking how do you make money in leatherworking or whatever, and people usually reply you dont take herbalism its a goldmine. Im going to let you in on a little secret.
It takes hard work and a LOT of time and gold to make money in crafting!Good service and price forwow gold and Logo Design good site. wow orandWoW gold kaufenandWoW oroandWOW soldi You will NOT be rich from a crafting profession just by learning what the trainers provide! You have to spend gold on schematics/formulas/plans/etc to make the stuff that people really want to buy. Im not saying that every plan on the AH is going to be a moneymaker, but the ones that ARE moneymakers youre going to have to pony up the cash. Dont bother farming for them its a waste of effort just pay a reasonable amount for it on the AH.
Guess what? Youve just put yourself above probably 75% of the other crafters out there! Why? Because 75% of WoW players either dont have the gold to buy plans, or they refuse to spend money on them because people price gouge on the AH. Now instead of competing with 1000 engineers, you are competing with 250 of themand out of that 250 there will be quite a few that arent as aggressive in making money like you, you sly dog!
Its important to remember that crafting professions are a long term investment. Unlike gathering, you actually have to spend money for crafting professions to make money. On my server sniper scope schematics go for 100 gold. 100 gold is a ton of money, but as soon as you pay it off (you can make 2-3 gold profit off of each scope), youve got another weapon in your arsenal of moneymaking!
The questions I get asked all the damn time (people even create alts on Malygos to bug me during my Molten Core run lol) is what items sell for a profit, how much do you sell them for, etc. And the answer is find out for yourself. Make a spreadsheet or list of everything you know how to make. Then for each item list out how much RAW material it takes to make that item. What do I mean by raw material? Its the total amount of uncrafted items you need to eventually make the item. For instance:
Hi Impact Bombs x 8 = Mithril Bar x16 + Solid Stone x16 + Mageweave x4
Notice that Hi Impact Bombs really take Mithril Casings, Solid Blasting Powder, and Unstable Triggersbut the RAW material list is as stated aboveget it?
Ok now that you have that for every item you can make, figure out the UNIT PRICE for each raw material. UNIT PRICE is how much it costs if you buy one Mithril Bar on the AH. Dont look at the prices for just one Mithril Bar though look at how much a stack costs and divide by 20.
Got that? Great! Next step is to find out how much you can sell each item for. Do a search on the AH to see what the going prices areit might take you a few days to get an accurate number due to the Retard Factor of people putting up items for ridiculously low or high prices. If the items just dont show up on the AH, determine if anyone would actually *buy* the item first, and if you think they would just take a guess of how much you could sell it for.
You know what the final step is right? I sure hope so. You know how much it costs to make the item, you know how much you can sell the item fordo some simple subtraction to see if you can make a PROFIT off of your items! You will be surprised how many items will make a profit. The obvious choices are items needed for quests, items that need to be purchased several times (such as armor kits, sharpening stones, scopes, potions, etc), and blue items.

The current watck I have is a v3i.

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