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Link Logger and ZoneAlarm

Since we get so many questions asking how to configure ZoneAlarm we felt that it was time to create a detailed reply on our web site.  Configuration of Link Logger to work with ZoneAlarm is very simple and might be as easy as answering 'Yes' to two ZoneAlarms popups.

If Link Logger is installed first then exit Link Logger after installing ZoneAlarm.  ZoneAlarm should pick up that Link Logger is listening for logging traffic from your router (on either UDP port 162, or UDP port 514 depending on what router/firewall you are using).  Once ZoneAlarm senses Link Logger you should see the following popup:

Enable the 'Remember this answer' and answer Yes.

A second popup will appear asking if Link Logger is a server application (meaning it listens on a port for information/requests from other systems):

Again enable the 'Remember this answer' and answer Yes.

This should be all that is required for Link Logger and ZoneAlarm to work together on the same machine.  The final result should look like this in the Program Control.

Note you can manually add Link Logger to the Program Control by pressing the Add button and selecting the Link Logger program (c:\Program Files\Link Logger\LinkLogger.exe by default).  Then you would click on the blue question marks and change them to green check marks for all four options.


If you want the tightest security possible you can configure ZoneAlarm to open just the ports needed for the application.  For Link Logger this should look like this for the ZyXEL or Netgear routers/firewalls.  You only need to enable access to SMTP (TCP port 25) if you have email notifications enabled in Link Logger.  NOTE that you must enable ICMP Protocol as Link Logger does ping your router to ensure communication on start up of Link Logger.

NOTE for the Linksys version of Link Logger you would replace the 'Syslog (UDP port 514)' for the 'SNMPTrap (UDP port 162)'.


DShieldUp and ZoneAlarm

DShieldUp uses email to send information to by using your SMTP server.  ZoneAlarm should pick up that DShieldUp is trying to access the internet (ie your SMTP server) and pop up the following message:

Enable the 'Remember this answer' and answer Yes.


If you have any other questions concerning Link Logger please email, for questions concerning ZoneAlarm please contact ZoneLabs.

If you have any other Questions or suggestions concerning Link Logger please send an email to You will speed up your Answers if you provide an accurate description of your problem, the results you expected and the results you received when using Link Logger.