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Link Logger and XP SP2

Running Link Logger on a XP SP2 system is very easy and can be tuned for even more security.

This description starts with an assumption of a fresh install of Link Logger, but the later screens and descriptions apply for existing installs of Link Logger as well.

Downloading Link Logger

On a XP SP2 system when downloading the suitable version of Link Logger for your firewall you will be presented with the following screen which is standard for any download.

We recommend running the file as after the install is complete you don't need the setup program and if you do it is available from our web site.


Running the Install

Upon running Link Logger's setup program Windows XP SP2 will present you with the standard install dialog

Select 'Run'.  Currently we don't have a digital signature, but we are currently looking into the process for obtaining one from Microsoft.

Once the installer has finished installing Link Logger and starts for the first time, SP2 detects that Link Logger listens for network communications and displays the following dialog:

Select Unblock.  The different versions of Link Logger listen on UDP port 514 for Zyxel and Netgear firewalls and on UDP Port 162 for Linksys firewalls as these are the ports to which your firewall sends it's logging information.  Once you select Unblock then Link Logger will work on your SP2 system.


Tuning SP2 Security for Link Logger

While the instructions above will allow Link Logger to work, there are some further steps you can take which will further increase the security surrounding Link Logger on your XP SP2 system.  Since Link Logger is installed on the same LAN as your firewall there is no need for systems outside your LAN to have access to Link Logger so you can further tune SP2 Firewall's security settings for Link Logger.  First open the Windows Firewall control panel and select the Exceptions tab:

Select Link Logger and press the Edit... button

Press Change scope...

And change the setting to 'My network (subnet) only which will only systems on the same subnet as Link Logger to access it or for further security you can create a custom list containing the LAN IP Address of your firewall:

What this does is limits what systems can use a program or port, so for the ultimate XP SP2 security for Link Logger the only IP Address that should be able to send information through XP SP2 firewall is the LAN IP Address of the firewall being logged by Link Logger.

If you have any questions pertaining to Link Logger and XP SP2 please contact


Page last updated on August 07, 2004