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Trusting IP Addresses within Link Logger

By default Link Logger will flag some desired traffic as alerts.  For example use of authorized FTP servers (TCP port 21) or Pop3 connections (TCP Port 110) to your email servers are flagged by default as alerts in Link Logger.  The easiest way to mark this traffic as trusted such that future events will be logged as normal is to double click on the event in question such that it is loaded into the Detail Panel.  Then click on the button to the right of the IP in question and select the 'Add IP to Trusted List'.

After selecting 'Add IP to Trusted List' you will see a screen pop to confirm the addition of a trusted IP Address where you can add or modify the comment (maximum size of 254 characters).  The comment field defaults to the Hostname.

All future connections to the Trusted IP Address will be logged as normal (ie Green).  Of course you can manually enter or delete entries by selecting from the main menu Edit -> Alert Lists... -> Trusted IP's tab.


Page last updated on February 09, 2004